Praise Party with Pastor Ced!

There are many ways people express their praise to God. Some people sing, some pray, some enjoy nature, and some just express their thankfulness in many different ways.

I want to share some different ways that I observe people doing this. One of the examples I found was Pastor Ced, from Alabama, USA . He truly loves God, and wants to share this love with others. He shares devotionals, scripture readings, and favorite songs from all kinds of artists. Why not visit his twice weekly shows sometime, and see for yourself? Or you can visit his pages online. Check back to this blog once in a while as I hope to share more and more about others ways of expressing their praise and thankfulness to God.

Here are some links to all of Pastor Ced's things, including his twice weekly radio show. Please show some love and support by visiting the following. :) Click on any link below for all kinds of cool stuff..

Another google blog with a Praise Party widget

Pastor Ced's Yuwie Page

Pastor Ceds Club on Yuwie

See Pastor Ceds many inspirational blogs here

Some of Pastor Ceds Pictures can be seen here

Praise Party Radio show on Ustream