Restoring Honor Rally

We saw over 5000,000 people join Glenn Beck at the Lincoln monument on 8/28/2010. Just last weekend, many Americans showed their support for God, and for all things honorable. I listened in for a bit and was very impressed and inspired by what I heard. Here are some links to the event, where you can see some videos and pictures.

Click this link to go to more pictures and videos of 8/28 at the Lincoln Memorial

It is great to see that so many Americans support such an idea, even if they aren't of the same exact beliefs of Glenn Beck. I agree we do need to get back to honoring good things, and remembering those that have made such impacts on history. If you get a chance, listen to clips from this day. There are a lot of varying views out there, but I can't see any reason at all why anyone wouldn't want to support a thing that was all about honor.

Here is one more link to Glenn Beck's site as well, go check this out.

Here are what some are saying about Pastor Ced's radio shows :)

The following, are real quotes from real people, taken from Pastor Ced's live shows in the chat rooms. You can get a feel for what happens there and how much impact the show is making in people's lives. :)

"this is the best show I have come to im so glad I came here tonite God is good"
From September 2, 2009 radio show

"praise the lord for you pastor ced you know how to raise the roof with the praise."

from some comments on his radio page:
"Pastor Ced, this show was an inspiration to my heart, thank you very much. The encouragement was great, loved all the scripture you shared."

"Such a soothing voice!"

"i always look forward to your show pastor, your words are beautiful"

"God Bless Pastor Ced... you are an instrument for the Lord... lifting up and worshiping the Name of our Lord!... awesome show"

"Looking and sounding great Pastor Ced. People love your show. And now I know why."

"great show lots of fun ."

"Thank you for the prayers pastor,everytime i come to yer shows it just gets better, peace :)"

"It's not easy to do a great show first thing in the morning but you do."

Praise Party with Pastor Ced!

There are many ways people express their praise to God. Some people sing, some pray, some enjoy nature, and some just express their thankfulness in many different ways.

I want to share some different ways that I observe people doing this. One of the examples I found was Pastor Ced, from Alabama, USA . He truly loves God, and wants to share this love with others. He shares devotionals, scripture readings, and favorite songs from all kinds of artists. Why not visit his twice weekly shows sometime, and see for yourself? Or you can visit his pages online. Check back to this blog once in a while as I hope to share more and more about others ways of expressing their praise and thankfulness to God.

Here are some links to all of Pastor Ced's things, including his twice weekly radio show. Please show some love and support by visiting the following. :) Click on any link below for all kinds of cool stuff..

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