Restoring Honor Rally

We saw over 5000,000 people join Glenn Beck at the Lincoln monument on 8/28/2010. Just last weekend, many Americans showed their support for God, and for all things honorable. I listened in for a bit and was very impressed and inspired by what I heard. Here are some links to the event, where you can see some videos and pictures.

Click this link to go to more pictures and videos of 8/28 at the Lincoln Memorial

It is great to see that so many Americans support such an idea, even if they aren't of the same exact beliefs of Glenn Beck. I agree we do need to get back to honoring good things, and remembering those that have made such impacts on history. If you get a chance, listen to clips from this day. There are a lot of varying views out there, but I can't see any reason at all why anyone wouldn't want to support a thing that was all about honor.

Here is one more link to Glenn Beck's site as well, go check this out.